The Collective aims to bring together people from all walks of life in golf, camaraderie, and wellness while representing TRUE on and off the course.

What is The Collective?

The Collective is a community of motivated golfers, athletes, and brand advocates who inspire those on and off the course. These individuals share their journey in golf, adventure, and wellness by connecting and engaging within their community.



  • Who is this for?

    We make footwear, gear, and apparel for the golf enthusiast. We value those who share our excitement for the game, the brand, and aspire to invest in individuals who embody what it means to #LiveTRUE. We are currently welcoming those with certified experience in: Golf instruction, wellness, fitness/style influencers, professional athletes, trainers, golf personalities, or just straight up TRUE advocates. We're currently accepting a limited number of entries, so unfortunately not everyone will be accepted to the program at this time; however, we'll be sure to keep your application on file for future consideration.

  • What do you receive?

    In exchange for what you bring to the community, we're proud to offer a unique 40% off personal use code on new footwear/apparel products so you can focus on what you do best - on and off the course. We'll also offer seasonal friends/family discounts, exclusive product/event access, giveaways, and additional perks unavailable elsewhere.

  • What do we ask?

    Show us how you #LiveTRUE and #EnjoytheWalk in your community while tagging @truelinkswear along in your adventures. Create/share fun, engaging content with your followers, friends, and us! By accepting entry into The Collective, you're allowing us to share your story on our channels as well (including image, name, and content).

  • Do I need to reapply?

    If you're approved, you will not need to reapply to continue in The Collective. While we wish we could let this program run in perpetuity, we'll review accounts on a bi-yearly basis to ensure you're representing and engaging with TRUE on a somewhat regular basis.

  • Can I share my code?

    We'll offer seasonal friends and family discounts, but your code is unique to yourself.

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