The innovative team at TRUE wondered: “What would happen if we took our iconic True Original golf shoe and splurged on every material used to build it?” Next thing we knew, the OG Premium was born.

Get ready to walk and feel the course like you’ve never felt before thanks to the barefoot design and feel that cleverly eliminates all inhibitions between you and the turf. The OG Premium is a shoe truly built for the modern gentleman. Based in America’s great Pacific North-west, they know a thing or two about wet conditions. Rest assured that the OG Premium will stay dry your entire round and longer. The full-grain leather repels water and keeps your feet bone dry for 18 holes.

Engineered to move with you, these shoes are lightweight and extremely flexible. The full-grain leather upper moulds to your feet and breaks in like a well-oiled glove.

“We can’t get rid of your three-putts, but you’ll notice superior balance, grip, and feel from the moment you step onto the tee,” says Sam Boden, marketing director at Jack Oliver Golf, distributors of the TRUE range. “This is due to our design that allows more surface contact along with sturdy rubber tread pattern and minimalist sole.”


As far as waterproof golf shoes with street appeal go, the OG Premium ticks all the boxes. The zero-drop sole, meaning there’s no raised heel like a lot of other shoes on the market, and greater flexibility to allow a more natural foot/ankle movement are luxuries you don’t realise you need until you experience it. They come in a super-soft, premium, full-grain leather and have a nice wide toe box to allow your toes plenty of space – a common issue here in Australia.


Reviewed by Brad Clifton
Editor, Australian Golf Digest

Reproduced from original article published in Australian Golf Digest - November edition.