This is TRUE

This is TRUE

When Jason Moore and his brother Ryan founded TRUE linkswear, their mission was clear. This is his story...

"It started with golf, but that's just the beginning. There's so much more that happens on the course in between the actual shots. The experiences, laughs, stories and friendships. The inspiration from nature and the elements, both simple and complex, but all inspiring.

When we started this thing, the mantra was clear - create performance built  goods for life on and off the course. Driven by travel, culture and camaraderie. TRUE was really just started out of necessity, this is circa 2009 and I was caddying for my brother on the PGA tour and he was pretty fed up with all the options in the golf footwear space.

TRUE friendship

And so we came up with this crazy idea that we might be able to make golf shoes a little bit better, something more comfortable, something you weren't embarrassed to wear after the round. Something that felt more like the sneakers we like to wear in everyday life.

And so TRUE was founded basically to solve that simple need - golf shoes that we actually wanted to wear.

I think the Pacific Northwest has such cool roots and active outdoor lifestyles. When we're playing a sport outside in the elements we can draw a lot of inspiration from the Northwest and that mindset of being prepared for the elements for getting out and enjoying nature for being a little bit alternative in our approach, not from the same city that every other golf brand is from. So we bring a unique cultural and design perspective that other brands kind of miss out on. 

TRUE inspired by nature

I think our design process here at TRUE can be summed up pretty well with this idea of selfish innovation. We like to think that the types of shoes that we always wanted didn't exist, and so we simply went out and figured out a way to make them. That comes from a stylistic standpoint and a performance standpoint.

My brother's a PGA Tour player playing at the highest level and he knows what his performance needs are. And I've always been more inspired by art and design and fashion and things of that nature. And so when you bring those two perspectives together, I think you end up with some pretty high-functioning but great looking shoes.

TRUE linkswear design processWhen we were all sitting around the table trying to figure out what to name this thing, we tossed around a lot of ideas but landed on TRUE and in fact, TRUE linkswear, because we wanted to be true to the sport, true to ourselves and true to the mantra of golf culture.

We didn't want to create that brand that was just all punk rock and completely disrespectful. We wanted to be ourselves, yes, but we also wanted to, embrace some of the honour, the legacy, the heritage of the sport.

This is TRUE. Enjoy the walk."



This post is a transcript from Jason Moore's voiceover, taken from the following video. Enjoy...