"I need to try them on first" - Myth Busted!

"I need to try them on first" - Myth Busted!

We get a lot of potential customers saying to us that they "really need to try our shoes on to make sure they're right" before buying.

On the surface, it's a fair enough comment. It's the way most people have done things for so long. But is it the best way to guarantee you get the shoes you really love?

Let's walk this through (see what we did there?). Your 21 handicapper mate reckons you can shave a few shots off your score with a new pair of wheels, so into the climate controlled big box store you head. You pick a couple of models off the shelf and the sales person grabs your size. You throw them on (or at least one of them) and take about 10 steps on lovely soft carpet, more than likely in the direction of the mirror, before determining "these will work great on the course". Sound familiar? 

While the 3 minute in-store try on may help you find a good size for your feet, you're still betting your hard earned dollars on a whole range of factors that you simply can't assess in that environment.

  • Will they still fit well once my feet swell (they all do) during my round?
  • Will they provide all-day comfort over 18 (or 36) holes on the links?
  • Are they flexible enough to work with my feet (not against them) when walking up and down hills, across side lies, through bunkers, during my swing (and my provisional swing)? 
  • Am I going to get blisters on the 12th hole?
  • Will they be breathable enough on hot summer days? And keep my feet dry on wet ones? 

You get the picture. Surely there's a better way, right? There is. 

All TRUEs come with an unconditional 30 day trial. And when we say unconditional, we mean it. We want you to use your new TRUEs. Walk the links, the sideline of your kid's soccer match, the path to the brewery on the weekend. And, if within 30 days, you don't absolutely love them, you can send them back, on us. It's that simple.

Next time you go through the '3 minute try on', ask your local golf shop if they'll return scuffed, grass stained, beer splashed shoes simply because they aren't quite right for your feet. If they won't, come and take our 30 Day Challenge, because while we almost never need to, we will.