Golf shoes that work with your feet.

Golf shoes that work with your feet.

While other manufacturers continue to move toward over engineered, artificially stiff footwear, TRUE continues to strive for improved foot health through natural movement. Podiatrist Andy Bryant explains why flexibility is so important...

"Give your foot a wriggle. Does it move much? It should; it has 26 bones and 33 joints. Our wonderfully evolved body only places joints in our skeleton in places that are meant to move!

A stiff soled shoe acts as a splint for the joints that it crosses. When we splint a joint, it gets stiff and the muscles that move that joint become weak.

On the flip side, a flexible shoe allows our foot to move as it was intended, connecting with the earth with minimal interference. It allows for the bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles to be loaded in their own unique and brilliantly functional way, providing important sensory feedback for balance.

If you can’t move your feet in your shoes the way you can when you're barefoot, your shoe is not designed to help your foot function as it should, and maybe it's time to consider a change."