Thinking Outside the Box


Thinking Outside the Box

It's no secret we march to the beat of our own drum. Naturally, it's in our blood to question the status quo.

With that in mind, we've identified several measures to improve our sustainability efforts; the most noticeable being the switch from a standard shoe box to a reusable shoe bag that comes standard on all TRUE models.

Enter the typical shoe box. A thick, cardboard enclosure that we've all grown accustomed to. Something never changed, nor challenged, since it was introduced. 

But what if, we thought, there's a better way? A more sustainable way? Something beyond cardboard. 

In 2020, we made the transition away from shoe boxes and introduced a multipurpose reusable shoe/shag bag that ships standard with all pairs of TRUEs. Each model ships with a unique style bag that mimics the properties of the shoes while providing the utility and aesthetic you’ve come to expect.

Featured below: A rolltop shoe bag standard with Original models alongside the Wanderlux bag on all LUX series footwear.


Our game is one rooted in nature; played in the elements, surrounded by the great outdoors. We traverse the links rain or shine, hot or cold, and truly become a part of nature during our round. Why wouldn't we do everything we can to protect it?

Our mission is to manufacture sustainably, and creatively, to help preserve the game we all love. The shoe box is just one example of our efforts to be a more environmentally conscious company. What else are we doing? 

  • Sourcing new materials, such as post-consumer recycled yarn (made from water bottles) and leather alternatives. We're continuing to find new materials that leave a lower carbon footprint while maintaining our high standard of comfort, performance, and durability. You might already notice recent launches, such as the Original 1.2, that utilize a synthetic leather alternative. Continue to keep an eye out for new launches that have sustainability at the forefront of our manufacturing process.
  • Working with leaders in the community to find homes for shoes that don't meet our quality standards. This includes models that don't pass our internal inspection, or those that are lightly used; we want to ensure that these don't just end up in the landfill, creating more waste. We're proud to work with First Tee, for example, and provide them with pairs every year to help others #EnjoytheWalk.

Every bit counts. We want to do our part, and encourage you to do yours, so that golfers for generations can continue to #EnjoytheWalk.