You remember our friends over at the Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation, right? We teamed up with them last year and raffled off some red/white/blue hand-painted LUX Pro models to raise funds for their annual golf tournament (amongst many other of their endeavors). Thanks to the TRUE communities contribution we were able to raise several thousand dollars that went right back to the foundation and made their tournament one of the largest, and most successful, events to date. 

TLDR: Use promo code GIVEBACK23 and get a complimentary 1776 Limited Edition Snapback on any purchase over $100 with 10% going directly back to the PTSD Foundation.

All of us at TRUE believe we have the opportunity to do good in the world; a chance to give back and positively impact the lives of others
. One of our favorite collaborations of all time was our partnership with the National MS Foundation on the MS Knit. We ended up donating over $30,000 to the organization and participated in their local events, auctions, and headlining MS Walk. 

The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation is committed to finding the best tools and training to enhance the mind, body and spiritual wellbeing of our nation’s veterans, first responders and their family members. We believe they should be provided the very best programs that help restore their lives and overcome the trauma they face while serving their country and communities.

So we decided to run it back.

Starting Monday, July 3rd we launched our week-long collaboration with the PTSD Foundation to once again raise funds toward veteran and first responder benefits. But we're changing the game just a little bit. 

Through July 10th at 11:59PM PST, get a complimentary 1776 Limited Edition Snapback hat with any purchase over $100 with 10% going directly back to the foundation. The 2023 event kicks off a week later in which we hope to present the team with a donation from the TRUE community.

Fourth of July weekend always boasts a myriad of sales, fireworks, and festivities; we ourselves love to indulge in all 3 (I mean, who doesn't), but sometimes honoring those who serve(d) gets lost in the fray. Taking a step back and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice of both body and mind was something we wanted to focus on in lieu of a gigantic blowout sale. 

Even if you're not in the market for a new pair of shoes; that's okay! We'd encourage you to share some of the amazing content coming down the pipeline over at our Instagram page and help spread the word about the good work the foundation is doing and how others can get involved.