Quick Nine | Ep. 6 @jontaylorsweet

Quick Nine | Ep. 6 @jontaylorsweet

Cheers to the thinkers and dreamers! Quick Nine is back and after returning from a brief hiatus, we're hanging with the newest member of team TRUE, @jontaylorsweet; esteemed photographer, above average golfer, and genuinely awesome human being. Jon joined the team in late-July and brings a plethora of amazing creative qualities to the team and will be curating exciting new content that'll be used on upcoming campaigns and launches. We couldn't be more excited to get him out on the links and crafting some killer content for the rest of 2020 and 2021.

Q1: What did you do before coming on board at TRUE?

A1: Before I started working at TRUE I worked as a freelance photographer and social media influencer! I've shot weddings, non-profit events, overseas, and a ton of amazing events and locations.

What’s your favorite part about the new gig?

A2: Favorite part of the new gig is definitely getting to use what I have learned throughout the years and apply it to an already growing and awesome brand to help establish more visual currency.

Q3: What's been your favorite course to shoot at, and why?

A3: Favorite course to shoot at so far has for sure been the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain. Such a great "bang for your buck" in terms of the scenery and playability; it's also pretty challenging and really makes you elevate your game to survive. Such a great run!

Q4: How much content do you typically get from a shoot day?

A4: Depends on the shoot day! Some days its an over abundance and other days it doesn’t feel like enough! For a wedding I can shoot around 3-5 thousand images and for a commercial gig I can shoot anywhere from 200-6000 images.

Q5:What are your top 3 favorite images you’ve ever taken?

A5: One of my all time favorite images was a portrait I took of a gal selling food on the floating market in Thailand!

Another all-time favorite was while I was in Turkana, Kenya I was working for an organization (ONECHILD) and this kid that the organization sponsors gave us a day in the life experience and I took a portrait of him propped up by a tree right after he took a long stick to feed the goats by shaking the leaves off of a tree.

Last all-time favorite photo was probably when I helped with my friends album cover in Iceland! It was an unreal experience being apart of a bigger project like this and being trusted with that responsibility was amazing.

Q6: If you could collaborate TRUE with any brand, what would it be and why?

A6: Thats a hard question! I think for a more relative to the industry collaboration it would be awesome to see us work something out with a Birds of Condor or Malbon. If I was thinking aspirational I would want to pursue something with Fear of God or Rhude.

Q7: If you could pick anyone to golf a round with, who would you pick? Why?

A7: Michael Jordan! I just want to watch the guy make bets with other people and smoke his cigars!

Q8: What shoot or collaboration are you most proud of?

A8: I have done a lot of collaborations in my day but one that I am certainly most proud of is my work I have done with ONE CHILD. They are a wonderful organization that truly wants to help people in the hardest places on earth and I have been so fortunate to come along side and use the gifts and talents I have been given to try and help out these communities they work in.

Q9: What are you most looking forward to (professional or personal) in 2021?

A9: Im looking forward to keep giving back with my gifts and talents. I think using a camera not just for the sake of myself but to benefit others is literally my everyday aspirations.

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