A New Set of Sticks


A New Set of Sticks

Welcome to the New Site!

As golfers, we all can relate to the feeling of finding the perfect new set of sticks - and we’re riding those same vibes with our brand new, fully rejuvenated website. As an e-commerce brand, this is our greatest tool for serving our customers - in fact, it’s literally our storefront and our first interaction with many of you. We have been working diligently behind the scenes for a couple years now tinkering with ways to improve that shopping and brand experience, and today we're live! 

With a refreshed look, feel, and some new content - the site now better reflects who we are, and where we’re heading. 

Our primary goal, which we’re confident we’ve achieved, is providing an exceptional customer experience. This means a more streamlined checkout process. Clearer product imagery and videography. More efficient returns and exchange processes. Top notch cyber security and cross platform consistency. Better order tracking and account management. Refreshed content, copy and educational resources. Easier to navigate shopping, search tools and more.

As much as we love it, we actually built it for you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Always Improving, Never Settling


At our core, and in our mission statement is the phrase: ‘Pursuit of Par’. That same instinct that drives us to continue to put our best foot forward on the links is also what drives our internal business decisions. What this practically means is... This new site you’re seeing today is only the beginning. We’ve got a ton of great new content, features and gear in the works. Today we’re simply unveiling the foundation, our best is yet to come, including and not limited to:

  • A Limited Edition shoe release (drumroll) this week to celebrate "A Year Unlike Any Other"
  • A little capsule project we’ve had in the works with our friends at Linksoul that will launch in November
  • Some exciting annual holiday shopping traditions just around the corner
  • A new system that will reward our most loyal patrons (by early 2021)
  • Updated packaging on all styles (think outside the box #foretheplanet already live on most styles, guaranteed for all footwear early 2021)
  • New tools for our independent golf shops and boutique retailers, putting more control (and margin) in their hands 
  • Even more free 2-Day nationwide shipping on most shoe purchases

Greens in Regulation

The economic changes and realities of this year have naturally challenged us to adapt so we can continue to provide exceptional quality products and value to our customers. So as a part of launching our new website, we are also executing some minimal pricing updates on select styles. We’re extremely fortunate (and grateful) that this will be the first time since our relaunch in 2017 that we've increased pricing in any manor. 

2020 has hit our industry with higher taxes & tariffs, increased shipping rates, more expensive raw materials/components and manufacturing overhead budget increases due to significant interruptions to the global supply chain. Internally, we’ve also made the switch to a reusable shoe/shag bag for every pair. Not only are these bags more environmentally friendly, but they also provide a significant end user value add in lieu of the traditional, and wasteful, shoe box. We’re also providing expedited free shipping on most pairs purchased (think TRUE prime without the annual fee), while still guaranteeing same day order processing for orders placed by 2:30 PST.

As a brand, we’ll continue on our mission to keep our corporate overhead expenses low and remove middle man markups to provide exceptional quality products at a considerable value.

These nominal pricing adjustments ($1-11 per pair) on select styles will help fuel our ability to create, innovate, and manufacture meaningful products during this turbulent time. We’re beyond thankful to our customers who walk this road with us and continue to support us along the way.

Cheers to camaraderie, wellness, and purpose in the pursuit of par.