If you've followed TRUE for a while, you know that limited edition drops are somewhat of our forte. The best part, from our perspective at least, is that the limited models move quickly; and once they're gone, they're gone. So when we say 'secure your pair while supplies last', it's for good reason. That leads us to our most recent release, the OG Feel Reflect Camo Limited Collection. 

Re-familiarizing the OG Feel

Let's start with the bread and butter - our OG Feel is about as barefoot of a shoe as you can wear without getting grass stains on your feet. Its zero-drop, wide toe box is standard across our entire OG line, but the breathable knit upper gives it an extra step toward a fully minimalist and natural experience. The leather saddle provides extra stability throughout your swing to ensure you stay connected to the ground. 

With Fine Attention to Detail

Now the fun part. We spiced up the OG Feel for this limited run with a slew of color pops and creative detailing. The (obvious) starter is the beautiful camouflage saddle that blends a soft-touch full-grain leather with single-layered reflective camo detailing. It's a subtle pattern, but in the right light it really pops and highlights the craftsmanship that went into the saddle design.

Not only does the saddle have subtle reflective properties, but we've incorporated reflective detailing into both the laces and heel pull to really bring the aesthetic together. Under the right lighting, or with the flash of a camera, the entire shoe can almost light up while these features stay virtually undetectable in broad daylight.

Another item you may notice is the color pop on the aglets - we went with colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum to ensure that while they stand out, they blend well with the minimalist design and coloring on each shoe.

"This was a really fun shoe to design. We wanted to come up with something different, but still on brand and true to who we are. We chose the OG Feel for this collection because the subtle layering of the leather saddle and knit upper is the perfect blend for a hit of camouflage detailing without overpowering the entire shoe. All the elements really play well together and turned this into a real fun collection for the summer season." - Jeremy Santana, TRUE Product Marketing Manager

Like any limited edition model, colors and sizes are running out fast. The collection is available in four unique colorways including Reflect Black, Reflect Charcoal, Reflect Cobblestone and Reflect Navy in men's sizes 7, 7.5 through 12, 13, 14 and 15.